How to choose a chair

We treat the choice of a furniture set to our home with care: well, because good furniture is good, and the purchase is not for a year or two, therefore, we monitor price-quality, find out whether the room will fit with wallpaper-curtains. But we take the choice of small pieces of furniture, for example, chairs, more calmly: the chair - it is the chair (in many “Khrushchev’s” there is no place to put chairs). Often in small apartments tenants get by with ottomans, stools or folding frame chairs to save space. But the owners of private houses and large apartments still prefer chairs.

The chair must be durable

but this criterion is, of course, very subjective. However, the use of high-quality materials and accessories, design features clearly add to the product "durability". In order for the chair to serve for a long time, its legs must be of medium thickness, the wood must be free of knots and chips, the upholstery material is made of durable fibers or high-quality leather (substitute).


Important selection criteria

Modern furniture companies offer your choice of a wide variety of chairs. They can be different in such parameters: height, shape and size of the seat, the presence or absence of the back, design, raw materials, taken as the basis of production. To make the right choice, use the following tips:
Raw materials manufacturing. For the forge or dining area, you can choose chairs based on: wood, MDF, plastic, metal. The most practical option for price and quality - MDF. The panels are resistant to moisture, dirt and human exposure (shock). Forged kitchen will look beautiful in any kitchen. You can choose different patterns that fit the design of the room;
Number of chairs. Choose the number of chairs you need according to two main criteria: the size of the room and the number of people living. If you are often visited by guests, then when choosing this furniture it is worth considering. It is also important to pay attention to the table parameters. The number of chairs must match the size of the countertop;
Seat features. To date, you can choose chairs with soft and hard coating. When choosing a soft seat you need to pick up the filler. The level of hardness will depend on its type. Most modern manufacturers use foam rubber. It has a low cost, while creating maximum comfort during the operation of furniture.


The chair must be strong

That is, to have a margin of safety (in the same house nobody touches chairs for half a year, and in the other they move several times a day). Chairs are made from various hardwoods (oak and beech, pear, cherry, ebony, hevea, acacia) or weave from specially processed plant materials (wicker, rattan), from metal frame parts, from molded plastic, even from glass. It is important to take into account the presence of additional mounts for models of wood, the quality of the connection details. Good strength characteristics and bended chairs (a descendant of the "Viennese" chair) and ploskovykleynyh (almost, bent laminated plywood). The strength of chairs with a metal frame depends on the thickness and quality of the metal billet, and of course, fastening details. With plastic and so it is clear: the strength depends on the quality of raw materials and the shape of the chair.



Office chairs

Office chairs are divided into chairs for visitors, chairs or chairs for staff and chairs or chairs for managers. It is inexpensive to buy office furniture from commercial furniture manufacturers.

In addition, there are special mobile chairs for negotiations (they quickly fold out and fold and do not take up much space).

Important: It is recommended to use armrests with height adjustment for long-term work with a computer keyboard or typewriter.


Kitchen chairs

Let's start with the most necessary and important kitchen chairs. Chairs for the kitchen are classic, to which we have become accustomed since ancient times, and bar - with a high leg. Bar stools come with a metal frame, as well as a tilt-and-return mechanism. Bar folding chairs are quite comfortable, they are appropriate for both home and office.

Folding chairs as well as transforming chairs are indispensable for a small kitchen.

If we talk about comfort, it is convenient to sit on chairs with a soft seat.

Chairs for the kitchen should be easy to wash, especially the back of the chair, their upholstery should be resistant to moisture and dirt.

For those who have a very tall or, on the other hand, are low, it is better to choose chairs for the kitchen with height adjustment. For example, such kitchen chairs are provided by ITG. But more often on the market there are kitchen bar stools with height adjustment, their price is from about 5600 rubles. Bar and kitchen chairs, both adjustable and folding, can be found in the shops of furniture manufacturers.


Chairs for children

Crown for children come in all sorts of colors, in the form of cats, dogs, girls, plastic and solid, metallic and combined. But the most important thing is that children's chairs are safe, do not swing, support the children's spine, and be bright.

The most convenient invention of recent times is the growing furniture for children - including the chairs, the height of which is regulated by a special handle.

So, the KD-2 and KD-5 chairs are designed to support the correct position of the back from an early age, the unique height and depth adjustments allow them to grow with the child. Growing furniture for children is very convenient. With the help of an independent system for adjusting the height and depth of the seat, as well as adjusting the height of the back of the chair, it can be perfectly adjusted to the height of the child. This means that the back is kept in the correct position with support where it is needed.

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